1. Traditional Street Seller, 2018 .jpgTraditional Street Seller, 2018


2. Drawing in the Forst 2, 2018.jpgDrawing in the Forst 2, 2018


3. Drawing in the Forst 2, 2018.JPGDrawing in the Forst 2, 2018


5. Letter to an old friend, 2018.jpgLetter to an old friend, 2018


6. Cllege Hostel 2018.JPGCollege Hostel 2018


7. Finding Tradition in the Contemporary Gaps, 2018.jpgFinding Tradition in the Contemporary Gaps, 2018


4. Finding Love in the Urban Hours 4 2018.JPGFinding Love in the Urban Hours 4, 2018



8. Finding Love in the Urban Hours 1, 2017.jpgFinding Love in the Urban Hours 1, 2017


9. Finding forest in the Urban Hours, photography, 20x30 inch, 2017.JPGFinding forest in the Urban Hours, photography, 20×30 inch, 2017


10. Finding MYTH in the super-nature, 20x30 inch,  photography, 2017.JPGFinding MYTH in the super-nature, 20×30 inch, photography, 2017

‘The Wave of Silver’, this is a site specific artwork which involved local community to create concentrated abstract waves using prepared sticks from local famous nut tree; ‘Suparee’. In Bengali. This area in Bangladesh is known for many water reservoirs, like pond, lake, Deeghi etc. The ‘Suparee sticks’ have been used as divider in the ponds to grow variety of fishes in the same pond.  The most interesting part of this area is water, about 80%; so the reflections of the sky on the water everywhere create a heavenly atmosphere, and the blinking tiny waves around the area are the finest beauty.

All used sticks in that installation were wrapped with silver foil at the top. After installatiing when it started blinking, the local people named the installation ‘Rupali Dheu’, which means ‘The Wave of Silver’.


Spiritual Timeline – 2016, Installation

This artworks I installed in an abandoned 50’s building at Dhanmondy-27, Dhaka in Bangladesh. I used alumunium foil to mould the shapes. The owner used to invite Priest and Sufi to stay in that four storied house. All of them were the follower of ‘LALON’, who was a Great Priest in this subcontinent from about 17th Century. The followers believe on spirituality and equality of  man and woman

Spiritual Timeline, Installation-D27, 2016.jpg

How does an identity work?  

Project source: Photos from my photos album. 2015-2016

Project Detail / Concept:

The 21st century’s most common trend is taking photos. Billions of photos are taken each day in every corner of the world. Why people do take photos? Professional photographers take photos for professional purposes; however the rest of the world takes photos to capture their cherished memories. Tons of memories are saved by people every day via digital processes and then dumped onto storage devices or online drives. But what next? How many of us ever dig out our archived albums and recall our memories? When we do find the time look back and peruse these photos, do we forget the faces of those persons in the photos? Do we recall the location of where we were?

Facial identity is an integral component in our daily click. Facial expressions, positions, and notions of beauty have great impact in the photo. On the other hand, a particular face in a photo enables us to recall details about the captured memory.

In this project, I dug through my archived photo albums, to unearth my cherished memories with the people I know [or don’t know] to recall particular memories, interests of the characters, relations to my surroundings and time, and then draw lines on the photos to connect the relations and directions. However, I have intentionally masked all of the faces in each photo. Individual faces cannot be read or recognized, as these identities remain undiscovered.

“After masking the portraits, only physical gestures, immediate surroundings and specific objects will remain for a viewer to interact with the photo. Perhaps certain predictions, judgments and thoughts may arise through these remaining connections combined with the inaccessible faces.

Surreal Identity, 2016, On going Project, Photo Manipulation, Photos from my photo album of 2012

Identity of an object is an unique part, which could be determined by its religion and purposes. It is almost impossible to make a change in the identity, and its religion, rather, the identity has been demolished with the objects. In this project I am working on changing religion and identity of an object, thus a question might arise. I have manipulated photos from my album to create new surreal identities. There are many surreal thoughts we have; like peanut become giant as mountain, a piece of rock become lighter as  cotton, a world without gravity, etc. In this project I am accomplishing  these thoughts to be real in a visual image.

4. Surreal Identity 2.jpg

4. Surreal Identity 3.jpg

4. Surreal Identity 4.jpg


Creating Identities, 2015

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Creating Identities, 2015,  Installation and photo manipulation

I had been collecting animals’ bone and skeleton since 2013. I set the bones in the nature with an intention of creating a gesture of  an unknown identity. It could be familiar to someone’s experience, however it become a very intense experience for me when I edit and manipulate the images to create a gesture out from the mysterious nature. I have been working on few images of my installations in 2015 and I made this piece. A slaughtered bull’s head skeleton was used in that installation.  There is a culture from Muslim religion, is slaughtering animals to sacrifice once a year.  And I try to collect  the skeleton for my installation pieces.

5. Creating Identities, 2015, 1.jpg

Impression of Inexpressive Actions   – 2015

During my stay in the studio of Salina Art Center, I felt so isolated at the beginning; working lonely  in the very large studio was the main reason. On that time I noticed that most of the time I was sitting lazily or laying on the bed for a long time at a same position. And then, I tried to save those position moulding by Alumunium foil.  That took a huge effort to install the pieces of moulds.

1. Impression of Self Actions, 14 feet x 6 feet, 2015

‘Silver Routes’  – 2015, Scroll Painting on Paper, 492 inch (41 ft) x 41 inch, Salina Art Center

In this Painting I drew the routes from my memory spontaneously, the routes which I can read easily from my memory. I tried to get so close to my childhood memories to create a map on my birthplace, the place where I passed my childhood, home at village, friends houses, walk way to the school, awkward age in the city, houses of relatives, dad’s office, school, playground, hangout places with friends, etc

7. Silver Routes, 2015 - 1.jpg

7. Silver Routes, 2015 - 2.jpg

7. Silver Routes, 2015 - 3.jpg

A 100 Years Tree, 2015 Installation, 14 feet x 12 feet

In this installation I had used bark and wood of a 100 years old tree. Which has been killed for beautification. Beautification is one of the raising demand of Urbanization. And the victim is only old tree on the area.  In the installation I intended to demonstrate the story of the tree through installing its pieces. The  shape of the triangle indicate its journey, which has been resisted by another triangle.

.10. A 100 Years Tree-1.jpg

4a. Transformation of a culture

A Runway, 2015, Video, duration: 2.30 minute

In my word Life become a track, where I am running in every second for betterment in life, which is undefined. My eyes are most important parts in my life, which reflect my nature, and help me to keep eyes on my surroundings. Life has became a cycle of running; a runway, running with religion, racism, disability, selfishness, cruelty, greediness,  and at the same time carrying emotion, love, honesty, responsibility, forgiveness, greatness etc make a balance in the runway.

.Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYvxuxfLYDs&t=110s

5. Video, Run Relax Run, 2-30 minutes 2, 2015